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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Oh my god! You teach ethics?

For those of you (like me) who love the X-Men, and wish to Baby Jesus that X3 had been better, I have a solution for you.

Go to Barnes & Noble, or Borders, or a comic book store, and find the published collections of Joss Whedon's work on The Astonishing X-Men. The title is still being published, but the first two story arcs are available in their complete forms.

Part of the plot of X3 was taken from Whedon's first arc with the book, called "Gifted". Like the film, the comic deals with the discovery of a "cure" for the mutant gene. However, unlike the film, the comic manages to keep its focus and deliver on the promise of its premise (hmm, there's a tongue-twister there, somewhere).

The second arc involved the X-Men facing the enemy that knows them better than any other: The Danger Room. It sounds cheesy, but Whedon manages to keep hold of the reins, and turn a bizarre conceit into a classic villian.

The reason I bring all this up, is because the rumor mill is grinding in regards to possible X spin-offs. The one that I'm most excited about is Magneto's history, but that's mostly due to Ian McKellen's performance, which, unfortunately, might be relegated to the sidelines, due to the flashback-heavy premise. However, a close second would be the rumored movie centering around Emma Frost.

For the uninitiated, Emma Frost began her career as a sworn enemy of the X-Men. She is one of the four most powerful telepaths in the X-Universe (Professor X, Jean Grey, and Cassandra Nova being the others), and a former member of the Hellfire Club (an ancient organization similar to Skull & Bones, but coed and post-academic). In the past ten years or so, she has allied herself with the X-Men, and has even become co-headmaster of the school with her boyfriend Cyclops. She is a complex, strong, and fascinating female character, and her starring role in Whedon's books illustrate this better than any other writer has. She could be the basis for the best female-oriented comic book movie yet.

However, my biggest reservation about this possible project is that Hollywood has no clue what to do with strong comic book females, and the makers of the X movies have so far illustrated a lack of creativity when it comes to telepaths.

The solution? Hire Whedon! The man is the guru of female heroes, and I'm sure he would relish being able to transfer his Emma to the big screen. Sure, he may be a little busy, what with the writing of his X-Men comics, his Buffy comics, the Wonder Woman screenplay, and whatever else he has up his sleeves, but he is the ONLY writer I would trust to capture Emma Frost on the big screen. In the Astonishing X-Men, he always finds a way to use Emma's powers in creative, interesting, and logical ways. He does not shy away from her dark and sexual nature, nor does he use her as a simple male fantasy of the "bad girl". He is what Emma has been waiting for all her "life".

Please, Hollywood. Consider my plea.


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