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Monday, July 03, 2006

The song said "let's be happy"...and I was happy

Summer Playlist

The Flaming Lips - "The Spark That Bled"
Camera Obscura - "Lloyd, Are You Ready to be Heartbroken?"
Asobi Seksu - "Strawberries"
Broken Social Scene - "Fire Eye'd Boy"
Lily Allen - "Alfie"
Sufjan Stevens - "Adlai Stevenson"
Jenny Lewis f/ The Watson Twins - "Rise Up With Fists"
David Bowie - "Hang On to Yourself"
Iron & Wine - "Sodom, South Georgia"
Comets on Fire - "Lucifer's Memory"
Devendra Banhart - "Mama Wolf"
Robyn - "Be Mine!"
My Morning Jacket - "What a Wonderful Man"
Regina Spektor - "Fidelity"
The Streets - "Could Well Be In"
Radiohead - "Karma Police"
Serena Maneesh - "Un-Deux"
Bruce Springsteen - "Old Dan Tucker"
Gnarls Barkley - "Transformer"
Tapes n' Tapes - "Insistor"
Sway - "Flo' Fashion"
The Talking Heads - "The Girls Want to Be With the Girls"
Lansing-Dreiden - "Our Next Breath"
The Velvet Underground - "New Age"
Yo La Tengo - "Last Days of Disco"


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