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Monday, August 21, 2006

We'll fill our mouths with cinnamon

Sorry I haven't been posting with any frequency, but I've had some of those "real life problems" that keep me away from this little laptop, and this piss-poor excuse for a blog. However, today is a sick day, so I have nothing better to do than to sit here, typing.

Actually, there are probably a multitude of "better" things I could be doing. I have a college application to fill out. I also could stand to do some charity work. Maybe a gym visit.

Fuck it.


So, Pitchfork did their top 200 songs of the 1960's, and it's a pretty god list. Any top 50 that includes "Waterloo Sunset", "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down", and "These Days" is okay by me.

Two Bonnaroos ago, I saw The Allman Brothers play "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down", and it was one of my favorite moments of the festival. That song is just so damned good.


So, The Crane Wife keeps getting better. I am still in love with "The Crane Wife 3", but "Sons & Daughters" and "O Valencia" are also pretty much golden. Then again, "The Island, Come and See, The Landlord's Daughter, You'll Not Feel the Drowning" is pretty damned good, and "When the War Came" has really grown on me. Damn it, everything on this album is great.

What I find funny, is that the album contains some of The Decemberists' prettiest songs, but the tone is so much darker than usual. The characters on this one have more in common with Lesley Anne Levine than Billy Liar; but then "Sons & Daughters" wraps everything up with such optimistic aplomb. Sigh. I love this album.


I'm also enjoying the freat out that is Akron/Family's Meek Warrior. I've heard grumblings about how dissapointing it is, but, for me, it far exceeds whatever expectations I had for the band.

Perhaps their self-titled was too subtle for me, but I think that the energy they exhibit on most of this album suits them better than the slow build-ups and wanking from their last one. I especially love "Love & Space" and the title track. I wonder how this is going to be recieved when it comes out.


I'm preparing myself for the worst. I thnk I may not be that into the new Hold Steady. Seperation Sunday is one of my favorite albums of recent memory, and this new leaked track, "Chips Ahoy", comes nowhere near fufilling my expectations.

It's not a bad song, but I am not digging the backing vocals, and even Craig Finn sounds like he phoned this one in. I bet it's incredible live, but the recorded version just sounds kinda flat. Even the lyrics aren't as top-notch as I've come to expect.

I'm holding out hope that this is just a fluke, but I have to accept that I may be dissapointed.

This is a sour thought, considering how much The Crane Wife exceeded my expectations.


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